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  • Working with images for the catalog

    Working with images for the catalog

    Still, it’s a bit of a different pipeline than working on one or a couple of interiors. When it comes to handling a lot of images, a system is very important. I’ll try to talk about it with a recent big project for Egger in mind. The first and obviously most important thing after studying…

  • Working with architectural animation

    Working with architectural animation

    I do not write articles to show my expertise, but more to systematize my knowledge myself. And, of course, I will be glad if they are useful to you too. And today I would like to touch upon the fragile topic of creating architectural animation, as it is quite a demanded product. Video is used…

  • Working with small houses visualization

    Working with small houses visualization

    Hello colleagues!I have been working in architectural 3d visualization for a long time and most of my projects are small 1-2 family houses. I would like to share my experience when working with small architectural objects and pay attention to those moments that make the visualization truly an advertising masterpiece. Lighting. Since I most often…