Working with small houses visualization

Hello colleagues!
I have been working in architectural 3d visualization for a long time and most of my projects are small 1-2 family houses. I would like to share my experience when working with small architectural objects and pay attention to those moments that make the visualization truly an advertising masterpiece.

Lighting. Since I most often need to create an atmosphere of serenity and happy living in a private home, the best option is a bright warm sunny day with clear shady areas where you can spend those hot hours – for example, I would place the dining area or chaise lounge in the shade of a spreading tree. Also, shade from trees in the foreground always looks beautiful. As for staging the sun, I most often use the principle of cinematic lighting.

Color and accents. Now more and more often in architecture, interior design and to the same extent in 3d visualization used complex composite colors, dictated by nature itself. This is worth using. It is also worth paying attention to the overall tone of the image and align the color and shade of leaves of trees, bushes and grass. And for accents you can use complimentary colors. The simplest example is a red umbrella next to green vegetation.

Textures. In my opinion, complex, multi-layered textures are appropriate only in the near field of the image. The further away they are, the less they affect perception and interfere with competent optimization of the scene. For white plaster, I use a base texture and 1-2 mud maps in addition to it. It always looks good. But as for roofs, this is where texture works poorly. I always do roof coverings using only geometry.

Vegetation and “trash”. I always choose vegetation in strict dependence on the area where the object will be located. That is, for an Italian villa I will choose olive trees, cypresses and citrus, and for a German suburb – oaks and maples. The same goes for garden plants and flowers. While a flowering hydrangea is appropriate in many places, say, a strelitzia blooming in the open ground can only be found in southern regions. As for “trash” – I mean dry leaves, cones, dry branches and other things that can fall from trees. I would pay attention to having dry oak leaves next to oak trees, not maple leaves, for example. As for grass scatters – I use at least 5-6 different plants for my front lawn, I use masks for plant spacing and plant height. It makes the lawn look lively and un-boring.

Storytelling. One of the tasks of a 3d visualizer is to tell a beautiful story of life in the future home. Will it be lazy and luxurious or sporty and healthy? Having answered these questions (and also having clarified them with the customer), with the help of details (people, cars, small objects like a cup of cappuccino and a newspaper, sports equipment) you can create the necessary atmosphere of happiness and peace.